Lobilat- where did that name come from?


LOBILAT is a combination of letters from names of people Miss Stanhope liked very much. 



Who runs the website?


Miss Stanhope. No, she is not a professional web designer. She is doing her best... 



How old is Lobilat?


Lobilat was taken home from IKEA by Miss Stanhope in 2013, but he really came alive during their pilgrimage  to Santiago de Compostela.



Favorite cake?


chocolate shock cake


carrot cake with lime mascarpone topping



Is Miss Stanhope an artist?


No, she is not. Lobilat is an art figure. He is also a art figure/project in the charity association art aspects e.V.

Is Lobilat is a charity?


No. Lobilat is a hipster fluffy. He has business as he needs to help Miss Stanhope with the rent and food shopping. HOWEVER Lobilat also runs charity projects for refugee projects. 


Hence, Lobilat has a business account. As an art figure he is also part of a charity association and has his own charity bank account. 



Is there anyone else involved besides Lobilat and Miss Stanhope?


No, this is a

one woman & one fluffy enterprise.


However, when it comes to the refugee projects we are grateful for the help we get from the himaya ngo in Lebanon. Without them it would not be possible to get right  into  the refugee camps in the Bekaa.



What do you wish for?


world peace



When is your birthday?


My birthday is the same as the one of J.S. Bach - Miss Stanhope's favourite composer. 

31. March


Who is Miss Stanhope?


Miss Stanhope is a human being. She does not like to be photographed. She is my personal assistant. She organises  all my business affairs and the refugee projects. 


So... YOU write books?


Well, there is a children's book about the CAMINO to Santiago de Compostela available in German, English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. Half the profit made goes to my charity projects for refugee children. 


There are also 340p. text published by Miss Stanhope about the trip to Santiago de Compostela. The book is only available German. It is not a fluffy feel good book. 


Have you ever been to the US?


Miss Stanhope has been to NY, but she found it quite expensive. 


Lobilat has mostly been to Europe. And Lebanon. And Cambodia.



What is Lobilat's mission? 


general mission:

Making humans smile.


 fluffy mission:

Bringing refugee children fluffy friends. 



When was your first fluffy mission? 





What do the Syrian refugee kids say, when they get a fluffy friend. 


They don't say much. They are usually overwhelmed. I find their faces say enough...


Are you scared to visit refugee camps so close to the Syrian boarder?


No, we are not. We meet the staff of an ngo (himaya) in the Bekaa mountain area and drive into the camps with their cars



Do you make the fluffy friends?



Miss Stanhope buys them at IKEA. They are called golden goosig.  

Miss Stanhope wants Syrian refugee children to have exactly the same now as she has we me. 

Yes, Lobilat = golden goosig


When is your next fluffy mission?


I am always in the process of organising  a mission including art activities, but it is not that easy as many think. I can not just walk into a refugee camp. 


Please do  check the Donate a fluffy section



What is a fluffy mission?


Bringing Syrian refugee children living in refugee camps Lebanon fluffy friends. 

Click here for more.


Part of the fluffy missions are the art activities with kids in Lebanon and Berlin.



Why did Miss Stanhope chose to bring Syrian refugees doggies as gift? There are other fluffy toys you could bring.


Miss Stanhope wanted the children to have a LOBILAT experience. Lobilat is the older version of the fluffy friends. We are perfect cuddle partners. Also, Miss Stanhope LOVES dogs. 



Is Lobilat a charity?


No, Lobilat is a hipster fluffy. He has a business, BUT runs non profit projects. These projects are part of a charity association.



What made you decide to bring fluffy toys to refugee children? 


1. Miss Stanhope thinks life is better with a fluffy friend. 

2. Miss Stanhope partly grew up in the Middle East and spent some time in Syria.

3. Miss Stanhope thought it is better to do some something, rather than nothing.


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How it all started...



If you have any questions...

Do let me know!

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