I love art. I love colours.

I also love ARABIC alphabet. In fact, I think it is  the most beautiful alphabet next to the HEBREW one.

So, I designed an art projects with Arabic letters for the kids in the refugee camps and for primary school kids in Germany. 


First I made letter stamps. It took a long time, but somehow it is like a mediation. You really need to focus, once you carve out the letters.


There are so many ways to stamp/print with these letter stamps.

Below, you just see what Miss Stanhope stamped just with the letter LAM , like L in Lobilat.


Miss Stanhope wanted more COLOUR...


And this is what the Syrian refugee children stamped...




AND YES, also primary school kids in Berlin (Grundschule auf dem Tempelhofer Feld)- are taking part in the letter printing activity.  



For the exhibition see: THE LOBILAT ART EXHIBITION