Le Canapé Rouge

Like so many beautiful things: I found this cafe by chance. A very sweet café in Berlin. Very FRENCH. I felt like a Frenchie while being there... If you don't want to find it by chance: It is located in the Friesenstrasse in Kreuzberg. It is very close to Bergmannstasse. Lots of cafés there too. But not as sweet. It looks tiny, but it has a back room with a huge canapé rouge. So, if you are looking for good croissant, some French flair or a huge red velvet sofa for your best friends: That's a good place. It has opened recently, so it is not crowded. 

Miss Stanhope had a petit déjeuner. A super fluffy croissant with jam.  She could have had a pain au chocolat instead, but Miss Stanhope often goes for the fluffy option. She had some coffee too. Very good coffee, because she drunk mine too. 

As Miss Stanhope was not willing to share her breakfast with me -usually she does- I ordered a Moelleux au Chocolat. That's a chocolate  cake with a melted chocolate center. Sounds good? It is! It's served when the chocolate  is still warm inside. Yummy. 

What else? You can buy some tea and cakes. Or you can sit down in the café reading one of the books from the book shelves. A café with books on offer is always a good choice!