Viktoriapark is park just around the corner of my home. Me and Miss Stanhope like it for its diversity, despite it being not very large. It is located in Kreuzberg: Kreuzberg means cross mountain/mountain of the cross. There is a massive cross in the park and I wonder if that is the area of Berlin is called after. There is an artificial water fall that makes this park even more special. 


According to Wikipedia and hear say the cast iron monument on highest point of the park by architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel was dedicated by King Frederick William III of Prussia to the liberation wars. What I know for sure: You do have a great view of the city from up there!

Sometimes I come here to read a book on one of the lawns. Sometimes I just need to get out of the apartment for a few minutes to enjoy the view over the city. I always find calm and peace here. Maybe because green is my favourite colour?

P.S. : Like many other parks, this park is great for playing hide and seek...