HIMALAT is the fluffy assistant of the HIMAYA LEB NGO team in Lebanon. He is found in the Himaya office in Zahle, Lebanon. There he cuddles the entire himaya team and humans in need of a fluffy hug. HIMALAT is also a living example of a fluffy friend. So when humans ask what this "fluffy friends for Syrian refugee children project" is about, he shows up. Even adult humans then understand what my fluffy missions are about. Every child should have a fluffy friend to hold on to. 


BORFILAT got his name after a very generous human being in Lebanon, who has been very supportive of my fluffy mission. BORFILAT is my fluffy delegate in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. In the department for Arabic literature at the AUB he is always  up to answer the questions about my fluffy missions in Lebanon. The next fluffy mission to Lebanon will be in September 2017.  Of course by being a fluffy assistant to the Arabic department  BORFILAT raises a lot at attention...