Affirmations are carefully formulated phrases that should be repeated to one's self. Either by being read or written down frequently.  

The practising of affirmations is said to lead topositive thinking and thus self-empowerment.  

It is difficult to prove that, but Miss Stanhope strongly recommends using affirmations... 



If you really want to change something, surround yourself with affirmations with beliefs that you would like to adopt.

You can write them down on a piece of paper. Try to read them out loud, even if it sounds weird.

If you want to have some LOBILAT fluffy affirmations, you can order my English affirmation card deck.

My affirmation card deck consists of 28 cards (size 8,5 x 5,5cm), and theoretically you could have a new affirmation each day for four full weeks...

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