What is a fluffy mission?


Bringing Syrian refugee children

living in refugee camps Lebanon fluffy friends. 

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Part of the fluffy missions are the art activities 

with kids in Lebanon and Berlin.


What does IKEA say?


For a long time, they said nothing.

I guess, because we were and are a tiny project. 

In December 2017 we were awarded  1006 Euro and thus were able to do some bigger at art projects.



Why do you bring Syrian refugee children

fluffy  friends from IKEA?


Miss Stanhope loves me (LOBILAT).

I do come from IKEA. Miss Stanhope thinks I am indeed a perfect fluffy friend. She wants the Syrian refugee children to have the same supersoft  experience that she had. Originally she just wanted to distribute  a few fluffy friends on the streets of Beirut. She never thought this would turn into a bigger project. 



How do you finance yourselves?


We finance our fluffy missions over the donations for the fluffy friends and donations that are simply there to fund our projects. 


Miss Stanhope also puts a bit of money into these projects, but mainly most of her time and all her heart. 


We earn money with our online shop and that's our business (different accounts). We also sell books there, where half the profit goes to our charity projects.  



So what are these art projects about?


There are different projects and activities.

We started with the paper heart exchange. So we got Berlin school children (yes, we visit German school kids and tell them about our missions) to draw paper hearts for the Syrian kids in Lebanon. And in Lebanon we got the Syrian kids, who received the German paper hearts.



Adults prefer the letter - staying projects:  



Do you get upset about what you see in the refugee camps. 



Actually, Miss Stanhope gets heavy hearted and at times depressed. She cries a lot. That's her way of getting things out. Watering her soul for growth. If that makes sense.


When we are in the camps, we are super busy.  

 Miss Stanhope likes to organize these refugee projects, because then she feels better somehow. Dort forget that Miss Stanhope has been living in Lebanon and Syria. That is why this war is really unbearable fort her.  Miss Stanhope feels sorry for the children.



Why do you these "fluffy" missions?


If Miss Stanhope were a doctor, she would do something else. But, all she can do is

to organize these fluffy missions. he prefers that over sitting on her sofa crying.


Also, small tiny projects are better than nothing. 



#webelieveinfurrytails #loveatfirstflausch




Do you speak Arabic?


Well, there was a time Miss Stanhope was able to speak it well. And now... it is good enough for her to communicate. 



How can I support you?


* by wishing us well.


* you can always donate. to our charity account 

(tax deductable in Germany)



* you can tell people about us


*share our project online


*shop in our online shop (as we need to earn money too


* we are looking for a small office/shop location in Berlin too.



Is Lobilat a charity?


No, Lobilat is a hipster fluffy. He has a business, BUT runs non profit projects. These projects are part of a charity association.




Können wir Euch Kuscheltiere zuschicken/bringen? 


Aus verschiedenen Gründen geht das nicht. Ich rate aber mal bei  Orienthelfer e.V.  vorbeizuschauen. 


Do you make the fluffy friends?



Miss Stanhope buys them at IKEA. They are called golden goosig.  

Miss Stanhope wants Syrian refugee children to have exactly the same now as she has we me. 

Yes, Lobilat = golden goosig


Where do you distribute the fluffy friends? 


Every time somewhere else to children,

who live in the south (Bekaa) or in the north Akkar  (fluff mission March 2018). 


When is your next fluffy mission?


I am always in the process of organising  a mission including art activities, but it is not that easy as many think. I can not just walk into a refugee camp. 


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