So, here we are. Thank you all for your donations of fluffy friends for Syrian refugee children. Here is a small selection of the donated fluffy friends... all of them are/were online on Instagram (my online diary). 

I left Berlin to fly to Beirut with all donated fluffy friends and lots of art materials for the LOBILAT ART PROJECT on the 5th of October 2018. We all arrived sound and safe. A big thank you to fluffy BORFILAT, who hosted us in Beirut. 

Like in March 2018, we headed to the North of Lebanon, where there are many Syrian refugee camps, as the North of  Lebanon is the boarder to Syria. I spent a week at Malaak NGO and  a week at the  RELIEF AND RECONCILIATION Peace Center where I did the LOBILAR ART PROJECT art activities. With the help of the Malaak staff (THANK YOU JOYCE -the human angel below)  I distributed fluffy friends at the Tel Abbas refugee camp. I also distributed fluffy friends to those refugee children at Malaak, who did not get any during my fluffy mission in March 2018. 

And here are some donated fluffy friends with their Syrian refugee children.

FOR ALL THE DONORS: You find your fluffy friends here: A-L click here  and M-Z click here. I decided them into half, as not everybody wants to look at all the photos. 

There will be a separate  page on the LOBILAT ART PROJECT activities with the Syrian refugee children, but here is a selection of photos for those who just want to get an idea:

We also stamped some LOVELY CARDS... Click here for more.

I then returned to Beirut... and I am still there. Feel free to follow my online diary ! Lots of art, architecture and food to discover...


Feel free to donate towards my fluffy missions in Lebanon and the school visits we do in Germany in order to teach primary school kids  understanding and compassion.

Thank you.