MARCH 2017 


So, where do I start? My fluffy  refugee projects makes it possible for humans to donate a fluffy friend for a Syrian refugee child. While  me and Miss Stanhope are still in Berlin we do buy many fluffy friends from the donated  money. We make sure every fluffy friend gets a name tag. We write the names in Latin letters and in Arabic. We don't decide on the names. The choice is up to the donating humans. That is the reason why we have some names several times... We also post the photos of the donated fluffy friends before their trip to the Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon.

We try to get as may humans as possible to donate fluffy friends. We, that is me (Lobilat) and Miss Stanhope.


This time our flight from Berlin got cancelled due to a strike. We drove to Dresden to catch another flight. Not the easiest thing... if you happen to travel with bulky luggage. 

Our final destination for our donated fluffy friends however is not Beirut, but refugee camps in the mountains of Lebanon. So, we drove up to Zahle in the Bekaa region. There are many refugee camps in that area, as it is also on the Beirut-Damascus road. It still can snow in March. It is very cold up there, says human Misss Stanhope. 

In  Zahle I meet the fabulous team of himaya, an NGO that enables me to get right into the refugee camps. The NGO works towards child protection all over Lebanon. 

This time we visited camps on three consecutive days. On my first day there we distributed the donated fluffy friends. It's a big fluffy operation. Really, it is!

I have selected all the pictures, on which on can see the name tags of the fluffy friends. I had more than a thousand photos to choose from. And yes, it took me ages to select the photos and to upload them. 

Sometimes, when there were two kids from one family, the kids had to share a fluffy friend. We wanted to provide a fluffy friend to as many families as possible. Of course there is an endless number of families living in the camps. 



 for making it possible to visit the children in the refugee camps!


I love the himaya NGO team AND they love me: They also love the fluffy friends I bring into the refugee camps. 

They even asked Miss Stanhope, if she could bring a fluffy assistant for ZAHLE himaya NGO. So, there he is: HIMALAT. He is a fluffy LOBILAT delegate. A "fluffy spot", so to speak. There is already another fluffy LOBILAT delegate around: Borfilat. He is the fluffy spot in the Arabic department of the AUB.  He is giving free hugs and raises attention for my fluffy refugee projects...

Miss Stanhope had some art activities prepared for the Syrian refugee children. Of course I assisted her. Kids like me more than her.

Some former art projects with Syrian and Berlin children can be seen here. I have not managed to take photos of the drawings of this trip yet. Coming soon!