What is a "fluffy mission" ?


Well, I consider myself to be on a fluffy mission, when I am bringing Syrian refugee children fluffy friends. BUT we also do some art activities with the Syrian kids in the camp. Those activities are part of the fluffy mission. 


Life in refugee camps can be very tough. That's why Miss Stanhope thinks, those Syrian refugee children should have at a fluffy friend to hold on to. 

That's why all beings with bank accounts are able to donate a fluffy friend. The donor can decide on the name of the donated fluffy friend. There are some names we refuse, as they can be considered offensive. 

We already take photos of the fluffy friends in Berlin, once they have been donated. 

It is Miss Stanhope's job muss to push and press ALL these fluffy friends into our mega big bags... It takes hours. Luckily she is a master in fluffy pressing. 

Then we are on our way... to the airport... to Beirut (capital of Lebanon).

Once in Lebanon, we are heading to Zahle, which is in the Bekaa, a mountain area in Lebanon. There we meet members of the NGO himaya. With them, we drive right into the refugee camps.  We hand out the fluffy friends. Miss Stanhope also takes a few thousand pictures. 

We do not only hand out fluffy friends. We also bring them paper hearts, which were drawn by Berlin primary school children. We also try to organise art activities. Usually we draw on the floor of a tent or on plastic chairs.  Miss Stanhope brings some coloured pens and paper along for the star project or the paper heart exchange.We also finger print!

And that's how you can donate a fluffy friend, once we announce a fluffy mission.

Of course you can always donate, so that we can expand our art activities. 

Donate 15 Euro over paypal for one fluffy friend to Lobilat´s own charity sub- account at "art aspects e.V."(a non-profit association). 


Please add a message  stating the name you want your fluffy friend to have. There is a paypal  "message to merchant" feature. Please add the name there or mail it to Miss Stanhope miss.stanhope@lobilat.com . 


Transfer the donation to this bank account:

(Attention: new bank account since 22.12.2017)


art aspects e.V. Kunstverein 

IBAN: DE96830654080104041100

(International Bank Account Number)


(Bank Indentifier Code)


PLEASE also state the name, which you want your donated fluffy to have.