That's what you need:



150g cornflour


150g flour


100g sugar


150g butter


1 teaspoon of baking powder


2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar 


2 eggs


1 tablespoon of cardamom


Make sure you have all the ingredients at hand. Cut the butter into little pieces. It really will make life easier later on.

Then you have to decide which baking form you are going to use. The advantage of a silicone one is that you don't have to butter it from the inside. You have enough  dough to make six small cakes... 

or you can also make one single small cake with it. Don't worry if you only have a regular sized baking form... Just use it and you have big flat cake in then end. It tastes as well as the tiny cakes!

Preheat the oven up to 180/200 degrees. That's about 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Just in case you need to know.



Mix the flour, corn flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, baking powder and the cardamom powder very well.


Now add the small pieces of butter and the eggs to the flour mix you just prepared.



Unless you want to spend 20 minutes making a well mixed dough by using a spoon you need to get your dough hooks ready...

It will still take a couple of minutes but keep on going using your dough hooks with your mixer. The dough is neither fluid nor creamy due to the corn flour.

The smaller your cake forms are the more time you will use to evenly place the dough into the forms. Just think about...

the dough you can lick off the dough hooks AFTER you placed the cakes into the oven.


After 20 minutes you should check up on the cakes. The baking time depends also on the size of cake forms you are using.

If you are nore sure, just stab a fork or knife into one of the cakes... Or a wooden stick, if you have one.

If you pull out the fork or whatever you just used and you see some dough sticking to it, then you have to leave the cakes in the oven.

Your cakes are ready if you pull out the fork and there is no dough sticking to it.



Leave the the freshly baked cakes to cool off a bit. It is much easer to get the cake out of a form if it cool or at least cooled down a bit.

The cakes are perfect for afternoon but also for breakfast. Leaving the cake in the fridge for a day does no harm.