Before I start writing about this place, which was shown to me by Shlomit Lasky, I want to stress on me and Miss Stanhope consider ourselves to be GERMAN. Why is that important? Because, we are not American AND DO NOT find most things amazing. We are also very strict with using the SUPERLATIVE form. For us there exists only one BEST vegan restaurant, not four best vegan restaurant. Four "best" vegan restaurants are actually a contradiction.   If Germans say "That´s not bad", it is quite good. Meaning: "it´s good". Now that I made tis clear:


The food I have eaten at CHAMKAR was the BEST food I have eaten during all my weeks in Cambodia. CHAMKARS spring roles are the BEST spring rolls Miss Stanhope has eaten in her entire life. Remarkable. Delicious. Mouthwatering. A taste explosion (plus healthy). If there is one place, where to eat if you are in Cambodia, make it the CHAMKAR. It does not look fancy. It does not look like having the best food around. It looks like a small cosy place. The staff is very friendly too..    


RATANA´s SPRING ROLES with fresh mango, cucumber, carrot, lettuce and a wide range of fresh aromatic herbs served with a sweet coconut, peanut and chill sauce. It's just beyond description. I could eat that EVERY day of my life and be very happy about it.


The BEST spring roles I have ever eaten.


Just when I see these pictures, I want to take a plane and fly to Cambodia. 

This dish is called "MAD EGGPLANT LOVERS".  

If you are not a mad eggplant lover yet, you will be after have eaten this. If you do like eggplant, you will thing you just entered the cuisine haven. 

It's crazy, how good this tastes. 


I also recommend the "Wedding day dip". It wants you to get married to food. Yes. It should be served at all weddings.... 

CHAMKARS is not so easy to find. It is located between street  8 and 9, between street 11 and the hospital road in the alley way.


As far I understood it (but please google to check) the opening times are as follows:

Mon- Sat 11.00 am to 10:00 pm and Sun 5:00 pm to 10.00 pm.