This  cafe is right next to a cemetery. Very peaceful, but not depressing at all!  It is a hidden gem, as most people try to find a place in a cafe on the trendy and busy Bergmannstrasse. In summer one can sit outside and just stare at the green surrounding and the blue sky while having excellent coffee!

When I say "excellent coffee"... I DO MEAN IT. You can see why. They have also a variety of cakes. Not that I have tasted them all, but they all look worth a try. Miss Stanhope, like most humans, has to watch her weight. 

When the weather is not nice at all, you can sit inside this elegant interior, which has a slight oriental touch. Miss Stanhope wrote some chapters of her book in this cafe. As it is not a touristy place & not easy to be found,  you do find always find a place. 

The way I understood it, maybe I am wrong, you can actually rent the "room" right next to it for receptions or other special occasions. I will not tell you, what I think it used to be... Even the doors are green here. And you do know: Green in my favourite colour!

Open every day from 9 o'clock except for Mondays.