Whenever human friends of Miss Stanhope want to meet up for breakfast, she says: "If you like Turkish food, we could meet up in MEYAN!". Our favourite Turkish place in Berlin - and there are many! A visit to MEYAN also brings back her memories of Istanbul, where she worked as an event manager. We are very much into Turkish food. Usually we come here for breakfast. One can opt for Menemen and other traditional Turkish breakfast options, but one also go for some of the countless pastes served in cute little bowl, which are also for sale. 

It might be easy to choose what to drink. Besides having a good coffee machine - Miss Stanhope ALWAYS checks on that- MEYAN offers Turkish mokka and Turkish tea. Way more difficult is the choice of the pastes... Miss Stanhope tries two new ones every time she goes there. The staff is very friendly and has an excellent memory.

Miss Stanhope and myself feel very attracted to places, where you can read and buy books. At MAYAN you can buy many books from the BINOOKI publishing house. My books are not available there,  but you can go to my online store. MEYAN also has wifi. 

I sometimes go there to write. Especially in the cosy back part of the cafe. It's calm there. When the sun is out, humans and fluffy creatures can get their food and coffee served outside as well. The Goltzstrasse is a lively street with plenty of interesting shops...

Finally I would like to say that even visiting the toilet is a pleasant experience. I don't know why Miss Stanhope insists on pointing this out, but humans just behave different than fluffy creature in so many ways...



Goltzstr. 36

10781 Berlin


Opening hours

Mon- Sat from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm 

Sundays and Holidays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


but you better check, if this is still right here