A charming Polish cafe in Neukölln (Friedelstr. 40)


Well, this coffee shop is a perfect place to spend an afternoon after you walked along the Maybachufer.  Katulki is a very cosy cafe. Almost like being at a grandmothers living room. Except that a  coffee machine like the one there is hardly to be found in private homes.  

The coffee tastes very good.  For some humans like Miss Stanhopes, this is crucial for a second visit. There is a very TEMPTING selection of cakes on display. One has to be very disciplined not to give in. All is served on personalised Katulki plates and cups. Very lovely indeed. 

Something I really appreciate is being able to actually sit down for a while and read a newspaper. You can really settle down for some hours.  Different kind of chairs and sofas. If the weather allows it, you can enjoy their food and coffee outside the cafe too.

I definitely prefer the inside. Lots of things to discover. There are also some children's books around (none of mine, but I never mind). 

Before I forget: You can also have breakfast there! Besides cake -very delicious cake- sandwiches and some Polish specialities are served. 

Yes, Miss Stanhope can also recommend the toilets there. None for fluffies though.